The shaggy mane mushrooms and pollinators were made for exhibits at the Gateway Science Museum in Chico, California.  The three dimensional larger than life mushrooms depict the life cycle of the shaggy mane mushroom. The oversized kite-like pollinators help children instantly recognize the pollinators in Northern California.  (Winter 2014)

The horse and giraffe are made from over 1,000 salvaged coat hangers as a garden topiary. It is the size of a full scale female giraffe and adds touch of whimsy to the garden landscape. (Spring 2014)

The Camera Obscura created for the White Bear Center for the Arts in Minnesota shows how the first images were made with pinprick light and a dark box. The Camera Obscura is portable and will be used in lessons about art and photography to teach the 3,000 school children the White Bear Center for the Arts educate. (Summer 2015)

The Skull and Bones is made from 922 salvaged coat hangers to promote the show Treasure Island at the The Looking Glass Theatre in Chicago, IL  (Summer 2015)